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Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

21 Aug

Hello Fellow Animal Lovers!

I chose the quote, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”, because it has been quite some time since I’ve last written.

Life did take me elsewhere for a while, but I am back now. I’ve been chatting with more animals lately, helping the relationships between them and their people.

I wrote my first published article about animal communication in The Mountain Democrat’s “Happy Healthy Pets” section. That was exciting for me as it lead to meeting more people who want to understand their fur kids.

It’s been a joyful, exciting experience for me to reconnect to my gift of animal communication and to share it with pet owners and their pets. The questions vary, as to what each person and pet needs. Sometimes the person just wants to check-in, to understand what their pet might be feeling or needing: are they happy, sad, excited, bored. And sometimes it’s for a specific issue: does my cat like being an indoor cat, why is my pet fighting with other pets in the household; why won’t my pet eat his food; what was my rescued pet’s past?

Many times, we start with basic questions, and then the conversation will lead to other areas the pet wants to address. Even the pet parent will have additional questions once we start communication. It’s always a surprise for me to see where a conversation will end up.

Whatever road we travel, it’s always interesting and insightful. I relay the messages I receive and from there I research and suggest other avenues to further assist, if needed. For example: If a pet is anxious, I suggest trying some of Bach Rescue Remedy, to be added to their water. (I am not a veterinarian, and you should always contact one first with any issues. I simply suggest things I have tried and what has worked for me and my animals.)

I’m excited to be back on this journey, sharing our animals messages. Join me by contacting me at:


Visiting Marta Williams, Animal Communicator

10 May
Marta Williams, Animal Communicator

Marta Williams, Animal Communicator

This weekend I am traveling to Marta’s house to join her Professional Series class. I took the completed course last year, and I think it’s always good to keep taking classes, to learn new information, to practice, and meet new people.

Marta and I have become friends, and I am so grateful for our relationship. We also share the love of horses and we have taught each other a variety of equine bodywork methods. We plan on doing some Equine Touch work on one of her new mares. Last year, Marta was keeping a friend’s horse for her temporarily. The horse had injured her leg and was limping. For some reason, I took a liking to this particular girl and was able to practice Equine Touch on her. She was very sensitive and I had to keep a super light touch…but the next day, as I entered through the gate, she ran up to my car, lifted her front leg as if to say, “Look, I am so much better now!” Marta was amazed and, frankly, so was I. I know Equine Touch is powerful, but have never seen it work so fast in such a dramatic case.

We are lucky that Marta is in Northern California and that she sometimes teaches in the Sacramento area. Plus, now she teaches via Skype over the internet. If you can take a class from her, please do. She is a wonderful teacher and a wealth of information.

Join me in a beginning animal communication class

8 May

BeginAnimalClassWebYou can talk to the animals too, and I can teach you.

Contact me and we can schedule a class for you and your friends. Check out the sample flyer and join me.

We will learn by doing. It’s a fun time, talking with each others pets via our intuition.

Salony – The Wise Teacher

10 Apr

Note: The following was written by Salony’s mom, Rashmi. Salony reinforced my belief  that even though the physical body has left this earth plane, the spirit is always with us. Salony’s passing was very difficult for Rashmi, and I am so very proud of her and how she has grown with the lessons Salony has brought to her. If you have had an animal companion pass, please read on, as you will learn from Salony as well.

Thank you for being such a wonderful source of hope and support at a time in my life when I felt completely lost. Thank you for being my friend. ~ Rashmi

When my darling Salony passed away on January 15th, 2012, my whole world went numb and the initial shock gave way to despair like I’ve never known before. I missed my little girl so much!! I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t even bear waking up to a new day. She was my entire universe and I yearned for her every minute. I did try talking about the grief I was going through with friends and my mom, but at the end of the day, no one could understand. While people can sympathize, only someone who has gone through it can understand the depths of it.

It was then that I happened to look online for answers. I wanted to know more about kidney disease, and why it had affected my baby so suddenly. During this time I came across so many others across the globe who were going through the same pain as me, having lost their best friend, and it made me realize there were thousands of others who shared my grief.

One day while browsing I came across an interesting topic, animal communication. My heart jumped in joy thinking about the remote possibility that maybe I could connect with my Salony in some way again. On looking further, a number of names of animal communicators popped up, but something about the picture of you and Angus, made me write to you.

I remember it all. The first time I wrote, I poured my heart out to you. You actually understood my pain and that was the beginning of our friendship. In spite of your busy schedule you took time to write back to me promptly, every single time, and somehow always said just the right thing that I needed to hear at the time. You taught me not to force it and to give my Salony the freedom to choose. You taught me how my continued grief would only make Salony sad and that was when I started taking steps to being better. You taught me that if I wanted to, even I could talk to my baby! And I did! I had the most wonderful conversations with her, thanks to your encouragement.

And I also became aware of signs around me that came through like a message from Salony. Those days amazingly every single dog I came across fell in love with me and couldn’t stop licking my face. A sweet little pug was even wanting to get into my car and go home with me. All this out of the blue. It really felt like my Salony was showering me with love, through them. Then I came across the beautiful feather earring that I found lying on the road, just when I had been thinking about how this one lady had gotten a feather sign from her pet and I hadn’t.

And the day that while talking to Salony she said to me ”I’m back” was indeed something. I remember thinking, but if that’s really true, how will I find you and a few days later I saw a picture of a pup on Facebook that made my heart leap. I told you all of this and you always gave me the most sensible advice. Not just that, you shared my joy and hope and it takes a special friend to do that

Those pups were born on the 25th of February and unaware of this then, I clearly remember thinking on the same day that it had just been one month and ten days since my baby passed and how could I be feeling better. I actually felt a sense of peace even though I didn’t know about those pups then. The first time I went to see the little one, I went with too many expectations and felt confused and you were so kind to me. Not only were you patient, but you helped me understand the situation, about how the pup was so little right now. You gave me your points of view from all angles and didn’t just tell me what I should do. You only guided me and helped me decide for myself and for that I am grateful.

Your advice, when I went to see the pup a second time was priceless and this time I didn’t question it, I just went with the joy I felt in my heart holding this little one and I knew I was going to bring her home. She will be home in ten days time and I am so happy and also nervous at being a new mom after 17 years!

I really hope this is my Salony and I know that if this is, then I will know soon. But the thing is, you made me understand that just in case this wasn’t, even then, I could open my heart to love again. You helped me through my darkest hour and guided me towards happiness even though you didn’t even know me. It takes a very big heart to do that.

I wish you all the success and know that there are many many more people and their animal companions out there that you will help and will receive a million blessings from.

God bless you, darling Su.

Love, Rashmi, Salony, Simmi and the new baby

Thunder – A Spiritual Connection

10 Apr

Note: The following was written by Nona, Thunder’s mom. My conversation with Thunder is one I will never forget. He taught me to be confident and to trust my intuition, which is what I use to communicate with our animal friends.

I just wanted to say that I truly was pleased with your reading of Thunder. I am always skeptical and have too often seen people “hear” what they think they should or interpret the information through their own bias. You seemed to purely listen, without judgement or filter. I must say, you impressed me. ~ Nona

Right off, you described him perfectly – proud, strong, cautious, thinks he’s big, king of the hill. He is a stallion, with all the flare and personality that comes with that. My first visual contact with him was at the BLM corrals, when he ran up to the top of a hill, chased another stallion off, and stood there, wind in his mane, King of the Hill. That phrase is actually in my notes and stories about him.

You wrote down that he was expressive and that he dislikes some people. He is the most expressive horse I’ve known. He makes a snap judgement about a person, either coming to be petted or retreating behind the barn and turning away.  You also had other impressions – loving, sweet, gentle. This is absolutely his demeanor when he is not showing off his manliness.

At the beginning of our session, I tried to ignore him. I didn’t want to be  giving you information about him and was purposefully concentrating elsewhere, but he kind of jumped into my consciousness, concerned. I encouraged him to talk to you. In your notes you stated that he hid, wasn’t ready for you to pet him or give him a carrot, until he could make sure from me that it was okay.

You spoke of his friends: “A dog – black and white.” Absolutely his best friend, a Border Collie. They chase each other and play every day. If the dog ignores him, Thunder will pester him until he barks and chases him. “My horse friend left.” This was a young filly that was recently moved to a different pasture. “Long ears.” I have a Bloodhound who’s kennel is nearby. She watches him and has occasionally escaped and wandered around his corral. You went on to describe his corral and barn with uncanny accuracy. You undoubtedly saw it from his perspective.

You mentioned an impression of “3 points of white, like in the constellation, Orion.” He has three white markings on his chest. It is part of his coloring. This doesn’t seem so significant on the surface, but it gave me a chill. The connection I have with this horse is inexplicable. He called me from the Nevada desert when he was being gathered by BLM. The synchronicity around getting him was profound. This is a bond that unquestionably goes beyond this time and this world. Orion carries a bow and arrow, which parallels some past-life impressions I and others have had. This is deep and unclear, but you hit on something with that comment. I just don’t know what, yet. It prompted me to ask some pointed questions of him, which gave me some unexpected information, and much food for thought, not about him as a horse, but about some life experiences and his spiritual role in them.

Interview by Chris Wagner, Owner of Waggy’s Pet Sitting

10 Oct

Chris: I first met Su Wickersham when I was a teenager – she went to high school with my brother Robert and his wife, Beth.  They’ve stayed in touch all these years and I’ve reconnected with her through them.

Last year when I was a vendor at a pet expo and pet blessing, Su attended and told me about this new exciting path she was taking in Animal Communication.  She was just about to attend more classes to deepen her understanding and I could see that this was her true passion and wanted to help owners experience a deeper connection with their pets.

Su talks about the many applications that can be helpful for you and your pets such as finding lost animals, introducing new animals into the household and many others.  So, let’s let Su tell her journey in her own words!

Su: Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to speak with me about animal communication. I feel like I have a hard time writing how much I feel this is the right path for me. I love to talk to the animals and be with them. Without sounding sappy, I feel their love, it radiates to me and I want to help all of them anyway I can. I think animals are here to interact with us on that deep level, to show us love and to experience life in a much deeper way. We just have to pay more attention and stop our busy-ness to get what they are trying to tell us.

Tell me how you got into animal communication. (introduce yourself a little – some personal stuff)

Ever since I can remember, I have loved animals. As a child I was attracted to them and hung out with them whenever I could. I drew pictures of them and always felt I had some sort of connection with them. But to me, it was a normal connection. I understood them. But it wasn’t until I was much, much older did I realize I was actually hearing them. Because I thought I was making it up.

A few years ago, after my beloved dog, Zoey passed away, a friend invited me to an animal communication class. I was so distraught, since it was only a week later, but I thought I’d go anyway and maybe I’d learn something. Well, it was an amazing class and I realized what I had previously thought I made up… was real!

In class we partnered up and communicated with each others animal. My partner was a gal I had just met and she asked me to talk to her dog. Long story short, I received validation that I was talking to the dog. Almost everything I told her, she told me, was true. I could hardly believe it. Couldn’t I just be making it up and have some lucky guesses? “Sure, that’s it”, I thought, until I told the gal that during the conversation with her dog, my head tilted to the left. I didn’t know why, of course, but our instructor told us to note anything and everything. Turns out the dog is hard of hearing in the left ear and tilts his head to the left so he can hear out of his right ear. Wow!! That blew me away. Maybe I can talk to animals after all.

Admittedly, after class I played around with the whole communication thing a little, but not seriously. It was a couple of years later that I found a book, Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature by Marta Williams. I love Marta’s step-by-step explanation and exercises that teach us we can talk to the animals. As I was reading the book, I checked out Marta’s website and discovered she was teaching a class in my area. I was so excited and thrilled to get the chance to learn from her. Since that first class, I have taken all of Marta’s classes and we have become friends.

How can animal communication help me and my animal?

Animal Communication can be helpful for many common problems with domestic animals of all kinds and is guaranteed to improve and deepen your relationships with animals. Here are some applications:

  • Deepen your relationship with your animal
  • Solve behavior problems – fear, aggression, separation anxiety, unwanted behaviors
  • Enhance training
  • Make your animal happier
  • Address quality of life issues – find out what your animal wants and needs
  • Find lost animals
  • Get assistance during illness and death
  • Get help introducing animals to each other
  • Adopting animals – find out about a rescued animal’s past

It’s been wonderful to connect with the animals and their people. Many lives have been changed for the better. And I’ve been told that after a session, the owners notice a deeper connection with their pet. It’s truly amazing. Helping animals and their people gives me great joy.

Since animals can’t talk, how are the messages transmitted to you?

I receive messages by hearing, seeing and feeling. I hear phrases or words, which is sometimes difficult because I hear them in my own voice, so, in the beginning, I had the tendency to think I was making it up. Often the animals show me pictures, like scenes in a movie, mostly from their point of view. I have also been shown pictures from what would be my point of view if I had actually been there. I often pick up how the animal is feeling about a situation; happy, playful, scared, or anxious, are just a few feelings I sometimes get. At first I thought these were feelings I was feeling and it was about me, but I have learned that if they come up quickly and for no reason, they are most likely the animal’s. And of course, when I receive validation from the animal’s people, I know I have truly connected.

Did you have special training?

I have taken many courses, am certified through Marta Williams Professional Series and have practiced a lot. And I do think I have a special gift for listening and communicating with the animals, but I believe we all have the ability to do this. I compare it to playing a musical instrument. We all can learn, as long as we stick with it and practice, and yes, some people have a natural talent, but we can all learn.

Can you communicate with pets that have passed on?

Yes, I have spoken to a number of animals that have passed on. I have been told by their people that they have received fantastic messages from their pets who have passed. Once, when I was connecting to a dog that had passed quite recently, a friend’s dog who had passed over a year ago, appeared and started to talk about his owner. He wanted me to give her his messages right away… he was very impatient. I told him I would soon, but not that day. He insisted I call her and made me promise not to wait too long. I hesitated because I knew my friend would be upset, she missed him so much, but I felt I needed to connect with her to pass on the message. My friend was willing to listen, and yes, she cried, but her tears were out of happiness that her dog wanted to talk to her. She told me later that his messages were very meaningful and came at just the right time in her life.

Animal communication is also a great help to the animal and their people when the animal is dying. We want the best for our pets and sometimes it’s very hard to let go. Talking to the animal gives us insight as to what they really want. When my dog Zoey contracted cancer and was ready to pass, I could not let her go and wanted to provide hospice for her. I spent hours of one-on-one time with her and decided it was best to let her go, it’s what she wanted. As we drove back to the vet, she gave me a feeling of calm and peace and I knew I was doing the right thing for her. Then out of the blue, I heard a very loud “THANK YOU!!” in my right ear. I knew that was her reassuring me that everything was OK and this is what she wanted.

What can someone expect if they use your services?

I offer consultations by telephone, in person, and by email for all animals. Usually I ask for a picture of the animal, their name, age and gender. I introduce myself to the animal, letting them know their person said it was OK for me to talk with them. I ask general questions about what they like and dislike. These questions establish if I’ve connected with the animal or not. Most animals are wiling and happy to talk, although I’ve had my share of personalities that can be tough nuts to crack. But once they start talking and realize I am genuinely there to help, they open up. When I communicate with your animal, I receive information directly from the animal and also get my own intuitive impressions. I relay all of this information to you during the consultation. I will also refer you to any services or experts you may need to help you with your and your animal.

Is there anything else you would like to let us know?

Yes, I also provide other services for animals and their people, including:

• Animal communication classes where you can learn to communicate with your animal for a deeper relationship.
• Equine Touch – a noninvasive, energy and connective soft tissue discipline, inducing deep relaxation, releasing traumatized muscles and reducing pain. Although I have learned this on the horse, it can also be used on other species as well as humans.
• Reiki – a Japanese healing art form that involves channeling energy for the purposes of stress reduction and healing.

Please tell us where we can get in contact with you for your services. (website, phone number, social
media, etc.)

I can be reached via phone at 530.676.4744; by email at and internet at