Salony – The Wise Teacher

10 Apr

Note: The following was written by Salony’s mom, Rashmi. Salony reinforced my belief  that even though the physical body has left this earth plane, the spirit is always with us. Salony’s passing was very difficult for Rashmi, and I am so very proud of her and how she has grown with the lessons Salony has brought to her. If you have had an animal companion pass, please read on, as you will learn from Salony as well.

Thank you for being such a wonderful source of hope and support at a time in my life when I felt completely lost. Thank you for being my friend. ~ Rashmi

When my darling Salony passed away on January 15th, 2012, my whole world went numb and the initial shock gave way to despair like I’ve never known before. I missed my little girl so much!! I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t even bear waking up to a new day. She was my entire universe and I yearned for her every minute. I did try talking about the grief I was going through with friends and my mom, but at the end of the day, no one could understand. While people can sympathize, only someone who has gone through it can understand the depths of it.

It was then that I happened to look online for answers. I wanted to know more about kidney disease, and why it had affected my baby so suddenly. During this time I came across so many others across the globe who were going through the same pain as me, having lost their best friend, and it made me realize there were thousands of others who shared my grief.

One day while browsing I came across an interesting topic, animal communication. My heart jumped in joy thinking about the remote possibility that maybe I could connect with my Salony in some way again. On looking further, a number of names of animal communicators popped up, but something about the picture of you and Angus, made me write to you.

I remember it all. The first time I wrote, I poured my heart out to you. You actually understood my pain and that was the beginning of our friendship. In spite of your busy schedule you took time to write back to me promptly, every single time, and somehow always said just the right thing that I needed to hear at the time. You taught me not to force it and to give my Salony the freedom to choose. You taught me how my continued grief would only make Salony sad and that was when I started taking steps to being better. You taught me that if I wanted to, even I could talk to my baby! And I did! I had the most wonderful conversations with her, thanks to your encouragement.

And I also became aware of signs around me that came through like a message from Salony. Those days amazingly every single dog I came across fell in love with me and couldn’t stop licking my face. A sweet little pug was even wanting to get into my car and go home with me. All this out of the blue. It really felt like my Salony was showering me with love, through them. Then I came across the beautiful feather earring that I found lying on the road, just when I had been thinking about how this one lady had gotten a feather sign from her pet and I hadn’t.

And the day that while talking to Salony she said to me ”I’m back” was indeed something. I remember thinking, but if that’s really true, how will I find you and a few days later I saw a picture of a pup on Facebook that made my heart leap. I told you all of this and you always gave me the most sensible advice. Not just that, you shared my joy and hope and it takes a special friend to do that

Those pups were born on the 25th of February and unaware of this then, I clearly remember thinking on the same day that it had just been one month and ten days since my baby passed and how could I be feeling better. I actually felt a sense of peace even though I didn’t know about those pups then. The first time I went to see the little one, I went with too many expectations and felt confused and you were so kind to me. Not only were you patient, but you helped me understand the situation, about how the pup was so little right now. You gave me your points of view from all angles and didn’t just tell me what I should do. You only guided me and helped me decide for myself and for that I am grateful.

Your advice, when I went to see the pup a second time was priceless and this time I didn’t question it, I just went with the joy I felt in my heart holding this little one and I knew I was going to bring her home. She will be home in ten days time and I am so happy and also nervous at being a new mom after 17 years!

I really hope this is my Salony and I know that if this is, then I will know soon. But the thing is, you made me understand that just in case this wasn’t, even then, I could open my heart to love again. You helped me through my darkest hour and guided me towards happiness even though you didn’t even know me. It takes a very big heart to do that.

I wish you all the success and know that there are many many more people and their animal companions out there that you will help and will receive a million blessings from.

God bless you, darling Su.

Love, Rashmi, Salony, Simmi and the new baby

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