Thunder – A Spiritual Connection

10 Apr

Note: The following was written by Nona, Thunder’s mom. My conversation with Thunder is one I will never forget. He taught me to be confident and to trust my intuition, which is what I use to communicate with our animal friends.

I just wanted to say that I truly was pleased with your reading of Thunder. I am always skeptical and have too often seen people “hear” what they think they should or interpret the information through their own bias. You seemed to purely listen, without judgement or filter. I must say, you impressed me. ~ Nona

Right off, you described him perfectly – proud, strong, cautious, thinks he’s big, king of the hill. He is a stallion, with all the flare and personality that comes with that. My first visual contact with him was at the BLM corrals, when he ran up to the top of a hill, chased another stallion off, and stood there, wind in his mane, King of the Hill. That phrase is actually in my notes and stories about him.

You wrote down that he was expressive and that he dislikes some people. He is the most expressive horse I’ve known. He makes a snap judgement about a person, either coming to be petted or retreating behind the barn and turning away.  You also had other impressions – loving, sweet, gentle. This is absolutely his demeanor when he is not showing off his manliness.

At the beginning of our session, I tried to ignore him. I didn’t want to be  giving you information about him and was purposefully concentrating elsewhere, but he kind of jumped into my consciousness, concerned. I encouraged him to talk to you. In your notes you stated that he hid, wasn’t ready for you to pet him or give him a carrot, until he could make sure from me that it was okay.

You spoke of his friends: “A dog – black and white.” Absolutely his best friend, a Border Collie. They chase each other and play every day. If the dog ignores him, Thunder will pester him until he barks and chases him. “My horse friend left.” This was a young filly that was recently moved to a different pasture. “Long ears.” I have a Bloodhound who’s kennel is nearby. She watches him and has occasionally escaped and wandered around his corral. You went on to describe his corral and barn with uncanny accuracy. You undoubtedly saw it from his perspective.

You mentioned an impression of “3 points of white, like in the constellation, Orion.” He has three white markings on his chest. It is part of his coloring. This doesn’t seem so significant on the surface, but it gave me a chill. The connection I have with this horse is inexplicable. He called me from the Nevada desert when he was being gathered by BLM. The synchronicity around getting him was profound. This is a bond that unquestionably goes beyond this time and this world. Orion carries a bow and arrow, which parallels some past-life impressions I and others have had. This is deep and unclear, but you hit on something with that comment. I just don’t know what, yet. It prompted me to ask some pointed questions of him, which gave me some unexpected information, and much food for thought, not about him as a horse, but about some life experiences and his spiritual role in them.

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