Visiting Marta Williams, Animal Communicator

10 May
Marta Williams, Animal Communicator

Marta Williams, Animal Communicator

This weekend I am traveling to Marta’s house to join her Professional Series class. I took the completed course last year, and I think it’s always good to keep taking classes, to learn new information, to practice, and meet new people.

Marta and I have become friends, and I am so grateful for our relationship. We also share the love of horses and we have taught each other a variety of equine bodywork methods. We plan on doing some Equine Touch work on one of her new mares. Last year, Marta was keeping a friend’s horse for her temporarily. The horse had injured her leg and was limping. For some reason, I took a liking to this particular girl and was able to practice Equine Touch on her. She was very sensitive and I had to keep a super light touch…but the next day, as I entered through the gate, she ran up to my car, lifted her front leg as if to say, “Look, I am so much better now!” Marta was amazed and, frankly, so was I. I know Equine Touch is powerful, but have never seen it work so fast in such a dramatic case.

We are lucky that Marta is in Northern California and that she sometimes teaches in the Sacramento area. Plus, now she teaches via Skype over the internet. If you can take a class from her, please do. She is a wonderful teacher and a wealth of information.

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