Me? Talk to animals?

Su & Angus

Ever since I can remember, I have loved animals. As a child I was attracted to them and hung out with them whenever I could. I drew pictures of them and always felt I had some sort of connection with them. But to me, it was a normal connection. I understood them. But it wasn’t until I was much, much older did I realize I was actually hearing them. Because I thought I was making it up.

Zoey at Tahoe

A few years ago, after my beloved dog, Zoey passed away, a friend invited me to an animal communication class. I was so distraught, since it was only a week after Zoey passed, but I thought I’d go anyway and maybe I’d learn something. Well, it was an amazing class and I realized the stuff I had previously thought I made up… was real!

In class we partnered up and communicated with each others animal. My partner was a gal I had just met and she asked me to talk to her dog. Long story short, I received validation that I was talking to the dog. Almost everything I told her, she told me it was true. I could hardly believe it. Couldn’t I just be making it up and have some lucky guesses? “Sure, that’s it”, I thought, until I told the gal that during the conversation with her dog, my head tilted to the left. I didn’t know why, of course, but our instructor told us to note anything and everything. Turns out the dog is hard of hearing in the left ear and tilts his head to the left so he can hear out of his right ear. Wow!! That blew me away. Maybe I can talk to animals after all.

Admittedly, after class I played around with the whole communication thing a little, but not seriously. It was a couple of years later that I found a book, Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature  by Marta Williams. I love Marta’s step-by-step explanation and exercises that teach us we can talk to the animals. As I was reading the book, I checked out Marta’s website and discovered she was teaching a class in my area. I was so excited and thrilled to get the chance to learn from her. Since that first class, I have taken all of Marta’s classes and we have become friends.

I have talked with many animals and know I am not making it up. The animals are actually talking to me. Sometimes it’s in words, sometimes pictures or feelings. How do I know for sure? I receive validation from the animal’s people. I hear things I could never make up and would never know about the animal.

It’s been wonderful to connect with the animals and their people. Many lives have been changed for the better. And I’ve been told that after a session, the owners notice a deeper connection with their pet. It’s truly amazing.

Helping animals and their people gives me great joy. I hope you like the stories that will be told here and learn a little something too. Thanks for joining me.


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